Is used for execution of works in case of production maintenance of oil and gas wells and pull-out of oil and gas holes (killing of wells, filling, flushing, injection of emulsions). The tanks can be used for work with saline solutions (NaCl, CaCl2, KCl) of density of from 1 to 1,36 kg/cm³, as well as other process liquids and gels on water base (process water, natural drilling solutions, mud and non-mud solutions, inverse emulsion solutions, gels).

Climatic version – Cold Temperate Climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST (State Standard) 15150-69. 

Main technical characteristics of ЕТ are given in the table. 

Process tank with electric heater V=20m3 ЕТ 20.ОШЭ-01

Article: ЕТ 20.ОШЭ-01
Characteristic Index
Working volume, m310
Operating fluid temperature, not below, 0С0
Operating temperature, 0С-40 … +40
Chassis model8301.00-02(М2)У
Wheel track, mm2040
Speed of motion in hitch, not more, km/h30
Weight of dry tank, not more, t.2.2
Overall dimensions, mm: operating position
transport position
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