Winding machine КР 261-100 02 «UNIKOM» is used for mechanized rewinding of cable in case of execution of round-trips on wells with drowned centrifugal pumps in oil and natural gas industry.

The products are used for use in common with Downhole Armored Flat Cables with cross-section from 10 till 35 mm2 or similar, wound around coils of diameter from 1700 till 2200 mm, of total weight of not more than 8 tons. Winding machine is used for long-term mode of operation out of three-phase alternating-current mains of frequency of 50 Hz with dead-earthed neutral and voltage of 380 V.

Climatic version – Cold Temperate Climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST (State Standard) 15150-69.

Main technical characteristics of КР 261-100 02 are given in the table.

Winding machine with automatic adjustment of cable tension КР 261-100.Ш 02

Article: КР 261-100.Ш 02
Characteristic Index
Number of turns of cable coil, turns/min4
Average speed of winding, m/sec0,25
Drive – Gear-motor drive1МЧ-160-63-51-21-К1-У3
Electric motorАИР112/3/750
Electric motor power, kW3
Electric motor shaft speed, turns/min750
Output shaft speed, turns/min12
V-belt transmission with gear ratio1/3
V-belt typeС-2650
Cable layer traveling wheel stroke, mm1000
Diameter of coil with cable, mm1700-2200
Useful width of coil (for cabling), mm1000
Diameter of shaft for coil, mm89 (102*)
Weight of coil with cable, not more, kg8000
Overall dimensions of Winding machine working, mm (Lenght/Width/Height)2800/2015/3110
Overall dimensions of Winding machine transport, mm (Lenght/Width/Height)2800/2015/2565
Overall dimensions of Winding machine on chassis working, mm (Lenght/Width/Height)6350/3510/4310
Overall dimensions of Winding machine on chassis transport, mm (Lenght/Width/Height)6350/2500/3765
Weight of Winding machine (without coil), kg1300 ±10%
Weight of chassis with improvement, kg3100
Weight of Winding machine on chassis, kg4450
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