Main data of the product.
Wellhead area ПР 3х4 «UNIKOM»   is used for execution of works in case of pullout of hole with the help of lifters А-50, УПА-60 and other lifters, used for well repair work.
Climatic version - Cold Temperate Climate, category of placement at operation I under GOST (State Standard) 15150-69.
Technical characteristics of wellhead area «UNIKOM» ПР 3х4 are given in the table. 

Wellhead areas ПР 3х4

Article: ПР 3х4
Characteristic Index
Safe bearing dead load, n (kilogram-force)11000 (1100)
Safe bearing distributed load, n/m² (kilogram-force/m²)5500 (550)
Height on floor boards of wellhead area, mm1245,1945
Overall dimensions of wellhead area in operating position, mm10860 х 4400 х 3195
Total weight, kg1609
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