Storage bin photo
Storage bin photo
Storage bin vertical photo

1. Purpose of the storage bin.

When fracturing more than 150 tons, storage bunkers (BIN) are used for proppant. BIN is a vertical container of round or square section, up to 33 m3.

2. The composition of the storage bin.

Inside the container is divided by a blind partition, for the possibility of using proppant of different fractions. The bottom of the tank is raised above the ground to a height of more than 1 meter and has a large slope, for fast falling asleep proppant. As a locking device used in the damper with manual drive. To direct the flow of proppant into the hopper or sand belt, removable troughs are installed on the hopper. With a volume of 33 m3, the hopper capacity is about 50 tons of proppant, depending on the fraction.

Storage bin (BIN)

Article: Бункер хранения
Characteristic Index
Working volume, m333
Capacity of the hopper, t, 050
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