Steel tank 70 m3 photo
Steel tank 70 m3 side view photo
Steel tank 70 m3 red photo
Steel tank 70 m3 blue photo
Steel tank 70 m3 on the chassis photo

Purpose and application of steel tank.

To reduce transport costs, steel tanks are often used on tractor trailers. The maximum volume of these tanks is 70m3. To reduce the non-spillable residue, a settling tank with a volume of up to 0.7 m3 is provided in the tank

Steel tank

Article: Емкость технологическая ГРП
Characteristic Index
Working volume, m370
Operating fluid temperature, not below, 0С0
Operating temperature, 0С-40 … +40
Chassis model8302-02
Wheel track, mm2040
Speed of motion in hitch, not more, km/h30
Weight of dry tank, not more, t.10.5
Overall dimensions, mm: operating position
transport position
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