1. Purpose.

Maintaining the temperature of the working fluid is a very important issue during hydraulic fracturing. For this purpose, insulated steel tanks are used. There are three options for insulation: mineral wool, polyurethane foam and liquid insulation, which is a thin layer of polymer coating.

2. Climatic version of the steel tank.

Climatic version - cold temperate climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST 15150-69.

Steel tank 50 m3

Article: Резервуар стальной
Characteristic Index
Working volume, m350
Operating fluid temperature, not below, 0С0
Operating temperature, 0С-40 … +40
Chassis model8302-02
Wheel track, mm2040
Speed of motion in hitch, not more, km/h30
Weight of dry tank, not more, t.8.2
Overall dimensions, mm: operating position
transport position
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