1. Purpose.

     Fuel tank is designed for storage and delivery of fuel (including diesel fuel, oil, etc.).

2. Composition.

  Tanks are made of the required volume for the Customer. Can be of different cross-section, horizontal or vertical, installed on the chassis of a tractor trailer, and on the frame (sled) base.

     They can be insulated with the necessary materials and equipped with additional equipment in accordance with The customer's Specifications (transfer column, pumping unit, flow meters, etc.)

     In order to order and buy containers, You can contact the sales Department and we will offer the most suitable option for you and calculate its cost.

3. Possibilities of Fuel and oil installation.

    The fuel and oil installation is intended for storage and delivery of diesel fuel on boiler rooms, refueling of special equipment. Distribution of fuel occurs both through the pump unit, the gun, and by gravity.

Tanks for petroleum products

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