Capacity for acids photo
Capacity for acids photo
Capacity for acids made of polyethylene photo
Capacity for acids rear view photo

1. Purpose.

The acid tank is designed for storage, transportation and dispensing of acids of different concentrations.

2. Composition of the tank for acids.

Can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel lined with acid-resistant coating, as well as low-pressure polyethylene PND100.
     Typically, the acid tank is equipped with a service hatch, filling and sampling lines with installed acid-resistant shut-off valves. The container can be mounted on the chassis of the trailer (semi-trailer), frame-sled or other base.
     Polyethylene tanks for acid are made by a unique multi-layer spiral technology with interlayer reinforcement. They are in great demand due to their lightweight weight characteristics, unpretentiousness in everyday use (service life of more than 50 years!), inertness to most aggressive media, as well as minimal adhesion.
     They can be equipped with additional equipment in accordance with The customer's Specifications (for example: pumping unit, acid-resistant line of the delivery manifold, etc.).

Capacity for acids

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