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Buildings designed to contain objects of industrial, utility, industrial and public buildings with a normal temperature and humidity conditions.

The building consists of sections and the end walls. Section meets on the hinges of the cover panels and wall panels.

The panels represent the three-layer structure: sheathing (galvanized, plastic-coated trapezoidal sheet) and the insulation of mineral wool, wrapped in p / e film.

Completion of the building windows, doors, gates, made ​​by prior agreement on the basis of the purpose and characteristics of operation.

The main advantages of this type of building:

  1. The accelerated time frame for the foundation.
  2. Ability to set the building on soft ground at the expense of small specific load.
  3. Quick installation time (2 weeks for the building 12h72m).
  4. Can be mounted or supervision, according to the customer.
  5. Windows, doors and gates in the sections of the building are installed at the factory, which facilitates the installation of the building.
  6. Ability to remove and reinstall to other sites, as needed (up to 3 times).

Prefabricated buildings

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