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cable wells for construction of local, telecommunication and electric networks


multilayer polyethylene wells " Unicom»

Figure 1 Cable well, inside view.


  • in fiber optic communication systems;
  • in power supply systems;
  • in telecommunication systems;

for the purpose of carrying out control and ensuring protection of connecting couplings of telecommunication and electric economy.

2.ADVANTAGES and POSITIVE PROPERTIES of multilayer polyethylene cable wells

  • versatility: the use of wells for the construction of various cable networks;

  • flexibility: the ability to change the design features of the well on the site;

  • advanced features: ability to install additional cable entry units on site;

  • quick installation:installation and installation of PE wells as part of the cable Sewerage are carried out several times faster and with much lower costs;

  • high tightness:durable monolithic construction, guaranteeing tightness and trouble-free;

  • durability: warranty period of at least 50 years;

  • low weight: 5-7 times less compared to the masses of similar products made of concrete and other traditional materials;

  • excellent thermal insulation properties: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of polyethylene is 190 times lower than that of metals; in addition, the structured design of the multilayer walls of the wells "Unicom" due to the system of air cavities eliminates the formation of condensate and provides products with the property of a thermos (figure 2. )

Рис. 2 The shaped walls of the wells in the context of

  • high mechanical strength: certain seismic resistance: due to the properties of polyethylene and profiled multilayer walls withstand significant mechanical loads, have sufficient ring stiffness.


3.1 Design.

The basis of wells-spiral profiled pipes produced by our company in more than 30 versions, with different diameters and design options of multilayer walls. Polyethylene pipes with PR and HR pipe wall profiles are used for the manufacture of tanks (figure 3,4,5):

Рис.3 Pipes for making wells

Figure 4 and figure 5: two-layer pipe Wall in section and three-layer pipe Wall in section

According to the customer's instructions, for cable entry into the well, the cable well can be equipped with various types of pipes (diameter, length) and quantity. Pipes can be made in any place, provided that the distance between adjacent pipes must be at least 50 mm.

Connection of branch pipes of the well with the supply pipes is carried out in the following ways:

  • using polyethylene pipe or corrugated pipe for cable with rubber cuff, silicone sealant, extrusion welding;

  • connection using compression or electric coupling.

It is possible to connect to other systems, according to the individual specification of the order. Also the ability to expand the system in the future as conditions change (the possibility of adding new connections with gasket, adjustable height ulaznoj of the structure by adding elements ulaznoj parts on the construction site);

The bottom and covers of the well are made of PE 100 polyethylene sheet (each element is agreed with the Customer depending on the requirements specified in the project).

Figure 6 Sketch of a cable well with a cover on 75 branch pipes of input of cables.

3.2 Standard size

Wells are made of the following sizes:

The size of the wells, mm

Height, mm

Number of nozzles.

diameter from 400 to 3000

from 1 000 to 15 000

On the project, but not less than one

There are various color solutions both external and internal layers..

Additionally, the wells can be equipped with a ladder(of different materials)


The quality management system of GOST R ISO 9001:2008 operating at our enterprise guarantees step-by-step control of quality of production and delivery of production, from laboratory testing of all entering materials before delivery of finished products to the Consumer.

Climatic version - cold temperate climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST 15150-69.

Standard characteristics of polyethylene PE100 GOST 16338-85

Standard unit Value
Density DIN 53479
ISO 1183
g / cm³ 0,96
Elastic modulus:
Short ISO 178 N / mm2 1 200,0
Long-term (50 years) N / mm2 170,0
Yield strength DIN 53495 N / mm2 25,0
The limit of tensile strength N / mm2 38,0
Elongation at break % >600
Hardness indentation on a Brinell ISO 2039 N / mm2 46,0
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion DIN 53752 1/°C 1,8*10-4
MRS (minimum lasting strength) GOST 8032 MPa 10,0

Unicom also manufactures polypropylene corrugated pipe, which can be used to protect cables when laying cable runs(figure 7.8)
Diameters of manufactured PP pipe from 34 mm to 110 mm

Cable wells

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