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Wells are used in systems of engineering communications since the 80 - ies of the last century. The experience of their operation has proved the advantages of creating a well for a specific project, regardless of the field of application. In this case, the technical parameters of the equipment are optimized: the placement of input and output pipes, the level of penetration and subsequent loads.

The latest technology for the production of wells, allow you to create a full-fledged factory product. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the total number of installation operations that require personnel access inside and carry out routine maintenance using cleaning machines.

Wells made of spiral polyethylene (PE 100) pipes have a fairly wide scope of application: utility networks, transport infrastructure, construction of industrial and commercial facilities.

Types of wells:

  • Viewing (rotary and linear). Provide inspection access to underground communications for their inspection and cleaning (erosion) of sediments. As a rule, wells for Sewerage are installed in places of change of pipelines, in places of connections, on direct sites of pipelines of big length.
  • Swivel, as a kind of viewing. Represent points of maintenance of pipelines and wells. Their purpose is to provide convenient access to the inlet and outlet sections of the pipes. Rotary wells are installed at the turn of the pipe or at the junction of several channels of pipelines.
  • Differential, connecting pipelines of different depths. Provide decrease in speed of a flow of liquids because of excess of a bias of the pipeline, the organization of coastal release of sewage under level of a reservoir, at crossing with underground constructions, connection of collectors to sewer releases.
  • Flow dampers-wells that reduce the speed of the liquid in the pipeline.
  • Storm sewer wells (rainwater) — designed to receive storm and meltwater.
  • Transition. Ensure the transition of the pipeline from one diameter to another.


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