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Polyethylene containers are used by enterprises of the following industries:

  • chemical;
  • oil-gas;
  • mining;
  • utilities and water utilities;
  • energy complex;
  • metallurgical;
  • pulp and paper;
  • tanning;
  • nutritional;
  • agriculture


when choosing tanks for storage and processing of liquid and bulk materials:

Multilayer polyethylene high-strength containers.

A fundamentally new solution in the issues of capacitive storage and processing of liquids and bulk materials-plastic containers.

We offer polyethylene containers of various purposes and sizes, round and square section, which we produce according to innovative technologies, according to TU 36 6610-045-35138456-14. Standard sizes of tanks of round section: diameters 400, 600, 1000, 2000 and 3000 m, volumes: from 2 to 100 cubic meters.

The quality management system of GOST R ISO 9001:2008 operating at our enterprise guarantees step-by-step control of quality of production and delivery of production, from laboratory testing of all entering resources before delivery of finished products to the Consumer.

The basis of tanks - spiral shaped pipes produced by our company in more than 30 versions, with different diameters and design options of multilayer walls:

drawing 1 drawing 2 drawing 3

The use of multi-layered plastic containers:

  • for storage and treatment of acids and alkalis;
  • for storage and treatment of salt and drilling fluids;
  • in Sewerage systems;
  • for storage and processing of mineral fertilizers;
  • in wastewater treatment systems;   
  • for storage and processing of liquid and bulk food products;
  • in cooling systems of circulating water supply of various objects; 
  • in systems of smoothing of peak discharges of storm and flood waters;
  • as fire and storage tanks;   
  • for drinking water storage;

Advantages and positive properties of multilayer polyethylene containers:

  • resistance to aggressive environments and ultraviolet radiation;
  • durability: warranty period of at least 50 years;
  • low weight, 5-7 times less compared to the masses of similar products made of steel and other traditional materials;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties: thermal conductivity coefficient of polyethylene
    190 times lower than metals; in addition, the structured internal structure of the multilayer walls due to the system of air cavities eliminates the formation of condensate and provides products with the property of a thermos (figure 2 and figure 3)
  • ecological safety;
  • sanitary and hygienic safety, applicability of tanks for storage and processing of food: the material from which are made, corresponds to sanitary regulations on GN2. 3. 3. 972-00;
  • high mechanical strength, a certain seismic resistance: due to the properties of polyethylene and profiled multilayer walls of tanks withstand significant mechanical loads, have sufficient ring stiffness, up to SN12 kN / m2. Ring stiffness is calculated and selected individually for each order, based on input parameters and requirements, with mandatory testing of prototypes on the test bench;
  • the low roughness of the working surface (2.5 times lower than steel and 12 times lower than concrete) guarantees a low level of adhesion to the contacting product, which facilitates the cleaning of tanks from deposits;
  • the absence of electrochemical corrosion in polyethylene products eliminates the need for arrangement of their cathodic protection.

Tanks are manufactured in horizontal or vertical design, for surface or underground placement. Dimensions, shape and other parameters of containers are designed and performed in accordance with The customer's task, taking into account the characteristics of the loaded product and operating conditions.

There are various colors of the outer layer, the complete set of tanks with additional equipment, as well as the manufacture of mobile containers on the chassis of tractor and automobile trailers produced by LLC "Unicom".

Polyethylene tanks are operated in any climatic zone and in various conditions, in open and closed areas.

Polyethylene container

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