General information about the product.

Gasket used for sealing flange connections estuarine von culated and injection valves and pipelines.

Main technical characteristics given in the table.

Gaskets sealing type PATSU

Article: Прокладки уплотнительные ПА2У
Characteristic Index
Conditional pass, mmTable image
Maximum working pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2)According to GOST 28919-91
Placement category articlesУХЛ-1 GOST 15150-69
Working environmentOil, gas, fresh water, technical, sub-heading, Cenomanian, with a high con-zhaniem hydrogen sulfide and high aggres-term activity.
The temperature of the environment carried out, 0Cfrom - 40 to + 120
Material gradeSteel 20 GOST 1050-88
Weight kgTable image
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