Equipment heating unit photo
Equipment heating unit side view photo

Block heating equipment БОО-15

Is designed to heat the BOP in order to maintain its effectiveness in conditions of low subzero temperatures macro-areas I-II according to GOST 16350-80.

Scope of products - oil and gas industry companies.

Block heater is a sealed and insulated elektrogid-ravlichesky unit, which heats the oil, and by a pump and line (high pressure hoses) delivers its circulation through the heat exchange cavity preventer. Unit operates in automatic mode, maintaining the preset temperature coolant.

Protection - UHL, category placement during the operation I GOST 15150-69.

Main technical characteristics of БOO-15 are shown in table.

Equipment heating unit

Article: Блок обогрева оборудования
Characteristic Index
Drive hydraulic pumpCoffee
Number of consumers1
Energy managementExternal source of AC three-phase AC 380V, 50Hz
CoolantOil ВМЗГ ТУ 38.1014.79-00
The volume of coolant in the tank, l120
Coolant temperature, nominal, C75
Submission of the coolant, par, l / min40
Heater power, kW15 (3,75х4)
Ambient Temperature, C (at work)-45 … 0
Ambient Temperature, C (storage)-60 … +45
Dimensions (without backbone), mm (Length)1970
Dimensions (without backbone), mm (Width)1150
Dimensions (without backbone), mm (Height)1155
Weight (dry), kg (no highway)675
Weight (dry), kg (the highway)686
Connecting devicesБРС ISO А 34 (3/4") BSP
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