Heater tank explosion photo

1. Appointment of the heater of capacity explosion-proof.

The heater is designed for heating process fluids intended for repair and operation of oil wells.

The capacity explosion-proof heaters are designed to work in environments with different degrees of oil-related according to GOST R 51330.19-99 to the category of explosive mixtures according to GOST R 51330.11-99 to the category IIA, group T2 explosive mixtures according to GOST R 51330.5-99 and also in potentially explosive atmosphere (the atmosphere), which can form explosive mixtures of vapors and gas categories IIA and IIB groups E1, E2 according to GOST R 51330.0-99, GOST R 51330.1-99, GOST R 51330.2-99, GOST R 51330.9-99, GOST R 51330.11-99.

2. Climatic version of the heater capacity explosion-proof.

The heater is designed to work in conditions of macroclimatic areas I-II according to GOST 16350-80.

Climatic version - cold temperate climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST 15150-6

3. Requirements and GOST of the heater of capacity explosion-proof.

Heaters of capacity explosion-proof corresponds to requirements of specifications TU 36 6100-005-35138456-03, GOST R 51330.0-99 and the design documentation coordinated in accordance with the established procedure.
The heater has an explosion-proof level of protection with the type of explosion protection "explosion-Proof shell" according to GOST R. 51330.1-99 and the marking of explosion protection "1exdiivt2" according to GOST R 51330.0-99.

It is possible to complete the mating flange, for self-installation of the heater on the tank.

Heater tank explosion

Article: Обогреватели емкости взрывозащищенные
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