Packing cable entry photo
Packing cable entry outdoor photo
Packing cable entry side view photo

1. The purpose of the cable gland.

The seal of SLE "Unicom" is used for sealing of cable input of the fountain armature equipped with ESN.

2. Состав сальника кабельного.

Due to the material execution of SLE (polyurethane) elasticity of the product is maintained to a temperature of-60°C. cable Gland is designed for repeated use.


Packing cable entry

Article: Сальник кабельный
Characteristic Index
Maximum working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)21(210)
Number of wires / cables diameter (pieces / mm)See table picture
Product placement categoryУХЛ 1 by GOST 15150
Working environmentOil, gas, fresh water, technical, Bottom, Cenomanian, with a high content of hydrogen sulfide and high corrosive activity.
Temperature ongoing environment, oСfrom - 60 to + 100
material glandpolyurethane СКУ ПФЛ-100 ТУ 2226-003-50612932-2005
Rod to retrieve the body of the PCE cable entryWire diameter of 6 mm steel 3 GOST 380
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