• «Unikom is stability and confidence in the future. It is a modern production and own unique developments

  • «Unikom – is a fair and honest relationship in a team of like-minded people.

  • «Unikom is professional growth and development. It is a daily concern for the welfare of employees and their families.

  • «Unikom – is an active social activity and constant support of children and pensioners, culture and sports.


  1. Always timely issuance of wages.
  2. Competitive salary level in all divisions of the Company.
  3. Official employment.
  4. Paid sick leave, holidays, decrees.
  5. Financial assistance in difficult situations.


  1. Rotation of successful employees within the "Unikom" group of companies.
  2. Development of employees together with the Company.


Our Company is a team of like-minded people working to achieve a common goal with the best results. We celebrate the New year together, February 23, March 8, we congratulate each employee on his birthday, anniversary, the appearance of newborns in families, retirement, but our most important holiday-the birthday of the Company – June 7. On this day, the solemn construction and summing up of The company's activities for the past year, the Declaration of the main goals and objectives for the next period, as well as the awarding of the best employees and departments. In honor of The company's birthday a sports family holiday is held with competitions for adults and entertainment for children.


We have a social package-certain benefits at the expense of the Company, it is different for everyone and depends on the achievements of the employee in our Company. And the higher the responsibility, the more preferences the employee receives:
For all employees of our Company are entitled to complimentary meals.

  1. We have official transport and delivery to / from work at the expense of the Company.
  2. We have our own Parking in front of the Central entrance.
  3. We have a Board of honor of the best employees of the Company.
  4. For the New year, not only children of employees receive gifts, but also all employees of the Company.


A healthy lifestyle is the key to productive work. For sports, the absence of bad habits and health promotion, we have two hands! Employees of the Company have the opportunity to go to volleyball training and engage in outdoor sports on the territory of the plant.
We have competitions in different sports, but our company has three brand names – a volleyball tournament, which is held in honor of the birthday of the Company and a Billiards tournament on New year's eve and a ski relay, which is usually held on Shrovetide.


We know that social and spiritual values are the basis for creating an atmosphere of goodwill and trust in the team.
We are actively involved in charitable activities, supporting children, pensioners and low-income citizens. Thus, the Company took over the payment of utility bills of the Association of pensioners " Island of good Hope».

Taking care of the development of sports and culture in our city, we help: children's folklore collective "Shaitane", children's and youth Cycling school, the Church in the name of the icon of the Smolensk mother Of God, which has a Sunday school and a children's TV Studio, participate in many other projects proposed by the city Administration.

Why did we make these commitments? Because they were born and grew up in Pervouralsk, as a child they were engaged in the same sections and circles and we know firsthand how hard it is sometimes for such associations. We should not forget that the character of a person is formed in childhood, which means that we invest in the education and training of the future shift of our employees. We want to live well in our hometown, so we try to take part in its development.