Capacitive equipment

For what

     The Unikom plant makes the capacitive / tank equipment of various modifications, mission and volumes (from 1 to 200 m3).

    Horizontal, vertical, underground, ground (including on the chassis of tractor / car trailers, frame-sleigh or lodges). The design features of the tanks provide them with perfect geometry and excellent performance.

Purpose and application.  

      Depending on the purpose of the container can be used for the preparation or storage of acids, salt solutions, process fluids on a water basis (natural drilling fluids, clay, non-clay and reverse emulsion solutions), fuels and lubricants, oil-containing emulsions and solutions, as well as for the storage of drinking water.

Types and execution.

     Structurally, the containers may be of various designs: single, combined, mounted on two-axle chassis of the tractor /car trailer, on the frame-sledge, tool trays, supports etc. can be installed on a common base consisting of complex equipment, such as: technological Capacity combined with the drilling rig, in mobile tool unit, with the pump unit on chassis 3-axle tractor trailer.

     An exceptional feature Of the plant "ZNPO Unikom" is that we offer our Customers the production of both standard technologies of high-tech steels, and

     UNIQUE thermally insulated, multilayer, spiralnovitye capacity of polyethylene PE100 with interlayer reinforcement corrugated polypropylene pipe.

Advantages of polyethylene capacitive equipment:

  • PE100 polyethylene used for production is inert to all aggressive media used (including acids, heavy salt solutions, etc.), and also has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity (198 times lower than that of steel). Containers for outdoor use do not require additional thermal insulation (ie, this container-thermoses).

  • High rigidity and low weight, (Spiral multilayer structure of the walls gives a high ring stiffness (up to SN=12kn / m2) with a mass of 5-7 times smaller than similar products made of steel)

  • absence of electrochemical corrosion in polyethylene products.

  • In the process of operation it is not required to carry out repair and restoration works of internal and external surfaces, as in the case of using metal containers, which significantly reduces operating costs and increases the reliability of the equipment.

  • Due to the low adhesion of polyethylene, there is no formation of salt deposits on the inner walls, which greatly facilitates their use (no need to clean).

  • The service life of polyethylene tanks is not less than 50 years.

     In order to order and buy containers, You can contact the sales Department and we will offer the most suitable option for you and calculate its cost.


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