Process tanks

For what

("Refilling unit", " refilling Capacity»).

1. The purpose of the technological capacity.

The technological tank is used as a tank-tank for storage and refilling of technological liquids or special compositions during technological operations for well maintenance or repair work, as well as for preparation and storage of technological liquids, both independently and as part of the circulation system.

2. The use of capacitance technology

The tanks can be used for working with salt solutions (NaCl, CaCl2, KCl) with a density from 1 to 1.36 kg / cm3, process liquids with a density up to 1.9 kg/cm3, water-based gels (process water, natural drilling fluids, clay and non-clay solutions, reverse emulsion solutions, gels), and with acids of various compositions.

3. Climatic version of the technological capacity.

Operation in climatic areas with moderate cold climate according to GOST 16350-80, climatic version UHL1 according to GOST 15150-96 (-60°... +45°C).

4. The composition process tanks:

The tank is manufactured in accordance with The customer's Specifications with a volume from 1 m3 to 100 m3 and consists of several parts:

  • The main element of the topping unit is a steel tank or a unique thermally insulated, multi-layer, spiral capacity of polyethylene PE100 with interlayer reinforcement corrugated polypropylene pipe (service life – 50 years!),
  • filling and dispensing lines of process fluid with shut-off valves and quick-release connections.
  • it is possible to install an adjustable level of liquid intake from the container, as well as equipping the "intake pocket" for its complete emptying;
  • the sensor(s) with a scale division of 0.2 m3;
  • for inspection and cleaning of the inner surface of the tank from sediment and sludge, the tank is equipped with a service access hatch (s) with ladders and cesspools in the quantity required by the Customer;
  • the main tunnel or a collapsible ladder for lifting on a service platform with handrails;
  • to maintain a positive temperature of process liquid at negative temperatures in winter time capacity may be equipped with a steam line, a system of highly efficient oil-filled electric heaters-capacity explosion-proof or explosion-proof heating cable performance insulation out of the tank;
  • if it is necessary to operate in a cold climate, the container can be insulated with a layer of high-performance polyurethane foam of the required thickness with external protection by a metal sheet s=2mm or another insulation option;
  • possible insulation and pipes collapsible line manifold;
  • the tank can be installed on two - (modification 8301) or three-axle chassis (modification 8302) tractor or car trailer with the required number of pairs of frame jacks to ensure stability and safety of work, as well as on the frame-sled or other support according to The customer's Specifications.
  • the technological capacity can be combined on one basis with other equipment (for example: with a drilling (gutter) capacity; with a mobile tool unit; with a pump unit; with filter equipment and othersр.).

5. Equipment (complete set) with additional equipment of technological capacity according to the Customer's Specification:

  • lamps, weathervanes;
  • paddle agitators; pumps (pump units); coarse/fine filters, hydraulic mixers, etc.
  • manifold line; articulated knees; transitions and quick couplings.
  • the high pressure hoses or pressure hoses;
  • other additional equipment;
  • painting of the container in the corporate color with the application of the customer's logo.

6. The benefits of container technology

- All capacities are made with the maximum account of all requirements of the Customer, considering manufacturability and practicality of their further operation for convenience of work with them.

-  All tanks have an ideal geometry, are made with rounded corners (the so-called "suitcase shape"), which reduces the number of welds, increases the rigidity of the tank structure, simplifies its cleaning and reduces the number of foci of possible corrosion.

- High-quality anticorrosive coating of the inner and outer surfaces of the tank is produced by experienced qualified specialists in the paint chambers in accordance with the technologies for the required operating conditions.

-  Insulation with polyurethane foam ensures the preservation of heat inside the container for a longer time than in a container with another option of insulation. It is possible to insulate containers with materials according to the Customer's preference.

- Installation of high-efficiency heaters of explosion-proof design (or heating cable) ensures the maintenance of heat inside the tank and energy savings.

- Installation of the tank on the chassis of automobile or tractor trailers makes the capacity mobile and more convenient to operate.

- Tanks are equipped with cleaning hatches "canadian" type, which facilitates and accelerates the technological processes of service.

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