Polyethylene equipment

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Process equipment made of low pressure polyethylene (HDPE)

     Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) or high density polyethylene (HDPE-in foreign production) is called polyethylene produced at low pressure. Due to its physical and chemical properties, it has a wide range of applications in various industries and everyday life.

The distinctive properties of the equipment made of polyethylene:

  • chemical resistance to most aggressive media containing acids, alkalis, fats and oils.
  • mechanical strength
  • frost resistance
  • good dielectric
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • low moisture absorption and gas permeability
  • ease
  • hygienic safety
  • possibility of recycling, which makes production waste-free

     At the enterprise the full cycle of processing and production of the equipment from polyethylene is organized. This is due to the emergence of a number of technological equipment from HDPE produced today by the enterprise. First of all at the enterprise all conditions for serial release, on innovative German technology "KRAH", spiralnovityh (SVT) the profiled polyethylene pipes of the brand differing from other brands of the profiled pipes by high resistance to aggressive influence of various sewage and mechanical loadings, ease of installation, durability, frost resistance, high impact viscosity, etc. are created.

The use of equipment made of polyethylene:

  • SVT PE pipe
  • Technological tanks made of HDPE for storage and treatment of chemically aggressive media (acids, alkalis, solutions, etc.)
  • Storm water treatment plants
  • Sand trap
  • Oil and oil catchers
  • Sorption filter
  • Polyethylene wells (sewer, drainage, inspection, distribution, cable, pressure suppressors)
  • Drinking water tanks
  • Sewage pumping station

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Production of spiral pipes made of polymer.

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