Gaskets sealing

For what

Sealing gaskets (rings) for christmas tree.

They are used for sealing the flanged connections of wellhead fountain and pressure fittings, pipelines. Working environment: oil, gas, fresh water, technical, commercial, cenomanian, medium with hydrogen sulphide content and aggressive media.

Product placement category: УХЛ-1 according to GOST 15150-69 Temperature of the medium: from -40 to + 120.

Are made in accordance with GOST 28919-91, GOST 53561-2009, API, RD 26-16-40-89, TU 3660-001-48582287-00, OST, Octagonal, oval, triangular, transitional.

Used material: V2 - art. 20, 10, 09Г2С and К1 - ст. 12Х18Н10Т (AISI), inserts - polyurethane CKU-PFL-100.

Coating: Thermodiffusion galvanizing, GOST R 9.316-00, 4.

All gaskets (except for stainless steel and sizes larger than BX 160 (402 outside) undergo thermal diffusion galvanizing in the furnace, which provides corrosion protection and significantly extends the service life.

Designation: П, Пф, ПУ, БХ, R, etc. There is also the possibility of individual production according to the customer's drawings.

Marking: non-contact ink jet printing on the HITACHI brand.

Packing: cardboard box.

It is not subject to mandatory certification, a passport is issued.

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