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Killing of wells is a complex of measures of selection, preparation for filling of special fluids into well, which provide safe and accident-free execution of repair work on well.

Efficient selection of killing fluid is to be executed with due account taken of mining and geological conditions of wells, which favour the prevention of such complications as absorption of killing fluid by payout bed, decrease of producing ability of well and other factors, which appreciably influence on producing ability of well during after repair period. Currently organization of centralized production of preparation of wells killing solutions of specified density, which ensure conservation of collecting properties of producing horizons, is the most burning issue on oil-and-gas production enterprises.

Solution unirs must ensure preparation of killing solutions of different chemical compositions with separation of all the solid particles, as well as their chemical treatment by demulsifying agents, scale inhibitors, biocides, clay stabilizers and other chemical agents according to collecting properties of bed. Solution unirs must have considerable degree of automation of technological process and feature of uninterruptedness during the whole calendar year with possibility of flexible regulation of production volumes according to complete solution.

Considering specific character of such requirements Scientific and Production Enterprise «UNIKOM» has developed and delivers solution and saline units for preparation of killing solutions of different chemical compositions. Modular configuration of technological equipment allows to complete solution units of different capacities. Preparation of solution of basic density (1,18 g/cm³ – for chlorine-sodium solution and 1,36 g/cm³ – for chlorine-calcium solution) with further dilution with fresh water till required density before filling into transport is the solution unit principle of operation. This operation is to be executed directly from control board with the help of registrating units and electrical executive mechanisms. Solution chemical treatment by means of chemical agent is to be executed in case of need. Scientific and Production Enterprise «UNIKOM» currently offers solution and saline units with capacity of 200 m³/day and more.

Solution and saline unit includes:
  1. solution preparation unit;
  2. complete solution storage unit;
  3. fresh water storage unit;
  4. mud pump manifolds/pumps/hydrocyclones unit;
  5. chemical agents storage unit;
  6. filtering unit;
  7. storehouse of salt;
  8. slime collection and salt elimination unit;
  9. trestle work for loading of road tank cars;
10. prefabricated production building;
11. ADC (administrative and domestic complex).

Solution preparation unit, pump unit and tank equipment automation systems execute:
1. automatic shutdown of pumps according to inventory level of tank equipment;
2. remote control of solution coefficients (density, temperature, output);
3. remote control of level of fresh water storage unit;
4. remote control of level of complete solution storage unit;
5. automatic shutdown and lamp signaling of maximum level of preparation unit, solution storage unit and fresh water storage unit;
6. remote control of solution agitation system pumps.

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