Fourteenth birthday

16.06.2014 Корпоративные новости

On 7 June, the "UNIKOM" plant celebrated the fourteenth birthday

On June 11, at the solemn line in honor of the 14th birthday, the results of the past year were summed up, plans for the current and future periods were announced, and workers of labor dynasties were awarded.
Long known that the success of an enterprise depends not only the power of machines or shipments of finished products, but also the employees of the plant. At the same time, family dynasties are a special indicator of stability, in which experience and skills are passed from generation to generation. Labor dynasties have always been a sign of stability, strong corporate spirit of the enterprise, its social unity.

Linked by ties of kinship, employees try not to drop the honor of family, to "keep the brand". Hence-diligence, responsibility, diligence and integrity.

For 14 years of work the enterprise "Unicom" has grown significantly. Intensive development, stable performance, care for employees have borne fruit, and today there are already established dynasties among The company's employees. As a rule, a father or mother brings their children to the enterprises, this is a common situation, but there are also such examples when representatives of the older generation, looking at the young, join a friendly team. Now in Unicom from 330 people who work at the enterprise, 49-representatives of family labor dynasties.

Special words of respect as always awarded to the workers noted in the nomination "10 years together", their number is growing every year and has 11 people.

The passing pennant "Best production unit of the year" is awarded to the machine shop in addition to a huge cake.

All the winners of the sports festival held on the eve also received their awards, and the winners of the family relay were awarded on June 7 in the sports complex of JSC "Dinur". Children jumped on the trampoline, had fun with clowns, Aqua makeup, soap bubbles and balloons! Sports prizes were also given to everyone who took part in the children's drawing contest " Sport-health-Unicom!»