What is the drainage or the drainage system? We will try to answer this question briefly in this article. In recent years, people are faced with the problem of "excess water" on the sites, local areas, basements, and also do not stay away companies that are engaged in the construction of buildings, structures, roads, industrial facilities, etc. the Peak of this problem comes in the spring/autumn, when there is a melting of snow, ice on rivers and lakes, as well as during prolonged rains, which have become more frequent due to climate change. What happens-the soil and soil is saturated with water and when supersaturation pushes water to the surface, forming puddles, and in places where the soil is poorly drained, water stagnation can form and lead to "water flowering", as well as the appearance of a swampy smell. I think you've often noticed that. All this is due to the lack of drainage system.

     Drainage system is an artificial system of surface and underground channels consisting of channels, pipelines with perforation and a layer of geotextile material. I must say that the drainage works in conjunction with the storm drain system as the water that collects drainage, you need to drain from the site in the distributed system wells, sand trap, etc. Land drainage mainly used for drainage of melt and rain water at the surface of the site, with the subsequent discharge of water into storm sewers through manholes or sewer. Underground drainage is a system of pipelines and channels that allows you to collect water from the surface, as well as the entire depth of the soil on which the system is laid, and to divert water beyond the site into the drainage well and storm sewer system. Underground drainage allows you to " dry " the area planned for the construction of buildings and structures as it can serve for the removal of underground groundwater.

     Often, few people think about the drainage system in the construction of houses, villas, cottages. If the development of soil for the Foundation is not found groundwater, it does not mean that the drainage system does not need to equip. Let's imagine that you have developed a soil for pouring the Foundation, without finding groundwater, and considered that it is possible to continue construction. Poured the Foundation and left it to gain its "fortress". It rained heavily. You arrived at the site and saw that the Foundation is in the water. I think you'll be very upset. All this is due to poor drainage of surface and groundwater. In order to eliminate this it is better to contact the experts who will develop you a drainage system based on the geological data of the site.

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