Process solutions preparation equipment

For what

      Based on its experience, as well as the experience of leading manufacturers, our company has developed together with the Department of machinery And equipment of the Russian state University of Oil and Gas named after I. M. Gubkin salt solution preparation technology, which has proven itself in the Russian market.

In contrast to the existing analogues of equipment for the preparation of solutions, the use of this technology allows:

  • Ensure complete dissolution of salts in water with temperature up to +1°C;
  • Reduce the preparation time of the solution to 20 minutes (analogs have a cooking time of one hour or more);
  • Ensure the accuracy of the preparation of the solution with an error of 0.003 kg / m3;
  • Adjust the density of the solution immediately before or during loading;
  • Increase the efficiency of the use of the solution by minimizing the discharge of residues into the drainage;
  • Exclude the release of salt vapor into the room;
  • To increase the reliability of equipment;
  • Significantly reduce the cost of equipment equipment for the preparation of solutions, as well as the cost of ownership.
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