Mixer М3Ш-01 photo
Mixer М3Ш-01 on the chassis photo
Mixer М3Ш-01 side view photo

Is designed to prepare cement slurries and other liquid mixtures for cementing oil and gas wells in macro-regions I - II according to GOST 16350-80. Protection - In the category placement of the operation I GOST 15150-69.

Main technical characteristics of mixer are given in the table.


Article: Миксер
Characteristic Index
Working volume m32.5
Fluid temperature, oC, not lower0
Operating temperature, oC-40….+40
The working dimensions of the chassis, mm:6400x3400x4300
Weight of dry capacity, no more, t2
The quantity of dry mix fraction, mm, not more2.5
Solution density, kg / m3, less than2050
Mass of the chassis model 8301-02 (M-05)3.2
Transport dimensions of the chassis, mm:7855x2500x3400
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