Self-contained units of formulation preparation and solutions

For what

1. Appointment of products

  • Autonomous units preparing formulations intended for the production of drilling fluids and formulations.

Possible options for the preparation of solutions and compounds

  • Water-based salts using different density
  • chemicals
  • process fluids
  • compositions based on hydrocarbon (gas condensate stable up to 80%, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline)

2. Sphere of application

  • The bottom-hole zone of oil and gas wells
  • operations aimed at increasing oil recovery
  • the possibility of preparing the compositions for
  • killing and carrying out technological operations during overhaul and repair of underground wells.

3. Climatic performance

  • Operation in areas with a temperate climate with cold climates, GOST (State Standard) 16350-80, climatic design Cold Temperate Climate-1 according to GOST (State Standard) 15150-96 (-45 ... +45 C).

4. Advantages

  • Self-contained unit of formulation preparation jetting applications in injection type with mechanical perimeshivatelyami eliminates settling and caking of heavy particles to the bottom of the container only, but the corners, which ensures a high level of mixing and shorten the preparation of solutions and formulations
  • The structure Self-contained unit of formulation preparation includes a filter system that delivers on the fence ready filtering solutions and up to 5 microns and requires no additional filtration step
  • possibility of explosion-proof electrical equipment can be used structure Self-contained unit of formulation preparation near the wellhead at least 25 m
  • when completing Self-contained unit of formulation preparation outrigger electrical control cabinets in industrial performance in conjunction with the cable over 30m, will also use the plant near the mouth of wells less than 25 m, but it significantly reduces the cost of a single installation
  • Self-contained unit of formulation preparation may apply in the circulation system of the rig or off-line
  • The location of all nodes Self-contained unit of formulation preparation separate blocks on a single frame provides a high level of industrial safety, reliability, suitability and installation. With this setting is convenient to transport to the place of production of the robot and in service.

Self-contained units of solution preparation photo show Self-contained units of solution preparation photo Self-contained units of solution preparation side view photos

Self-contained units of solution preparation vertical photo Self-contained units of solution preparation photo blue

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