Self-contained unit of formulation preparation 25Ш-02 photo

Suitable for the preparation of (nameshivaniya) salt solutions (NaCl, CaCl2, KCl) a density of from 1 to 1.3 kg/m3, purification of process liquids from suspended particles by gravity, separation of liquid and gaseous phases. Self-contained unit for preparation of solutions may be used for manufacturing operations during workover crews on capital and workover in climatic regions I-II according to GOST (State Standard) 16350-80.

Climatic design Cold Temperate Climate-1 according to GOST (State Standard) 15150-96

Main technical characteristics of ЕТ are given in the table.

Self-contained unit of formulation preparation 25Ш-02

Article: Автономный узел приготовления растворов
Characteristic Index
The working volume of the total capacity, m3
including a receiving compartment, m3
mixing compartment, m3
Operating fluid temperature, not below, 0С0
Operating temperature, 0С-40 … +40
Track, mm2040
Speed ​​of movement in strip, not more, km / h30
The total mass of dry container that is no more, t5.655
Weight converted trailer chassis, t5.3
Weight of additional equipment (depending on configuration), t0.82
Total weight, t11.775
Overall dimensions, mm: in operating position
transport position
Connecting devices: -line degasser
-injection line comb
-steam pipe
-fence line
quick couplings 2 receiving part
quick couplings 2 receiving part
quick couplings 1
quick couplings 4 receiving part
Liquid degassing device (connection dimensions)Thread pipe techology 60 GOST (State Standard) 633-80
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