Sewerage-a system of sanitary pipelines serving for the collection and removal of liquid and solid substances. Without the construction of Sewerage systems in our time can not do any construction. I think for sure you all heard on television, radio or from friends about low-quality (untreated) discharges of sewage into rivers, lakes or just on the soil from industrial facilities, urban Sewerage systems, etc.All this leads to environmental problems and disasters. In this regard, today the environmental control authorities are very closely watching the construction of sewage systems and treatment(about treatment facilities will be discussed in the next article).

     Sewage is divided into several types:

  • household Sewerage (house or several private houses);
  • industrial Sewerage(for collection and treatment of waste from industrial facilities);
  • stormwater Sewerage(for collection and removal of wastewater from precipitation);
  • urban Sewerage (centralized-locality);

     In turn the Sewerage system is subdivided:

  • internal(in residential premises, office buildings, workshops, etc.);
  • exterior(outside of buildings, Autonomous, local and Metropolitan area networks);

     The problem of current Sewerage systems is the time and material that is used in the construction of sewer systems. Over time, sewage systems that were built by means of a metal pipeline, as well as with the help of reinforced concrete structures often fail. This is due to the weak resistance to corrosion and often weak tightness in the joints, and for reinforced concrete structures also low destructive strength. Today, there are materials on the market that can give odds to metal and reinforced concrete structures - these are pipelines made of polymeric materials. Polymers are a new step in the construction of pipeline systems of varying complexity. Today everywhere there is a replacement of systems of the Sewerage and not only, by means of replacement of pipelines from metal or reinforced concrete designs on polymeric pipelines. The advantages and purposes of polymer pipelines will be discussed in the following articles.

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