Water purification

    How important it is that the water in nature and in everyday life remained clean - this question is thought of by every inhabitant of the planet. About the importance of clean drinking water in the life of mankind and in nature as a whole, I think there is no point in telling you and will repeat, as this importance is told and educators in orphanages and teachers in schools. About how that "WATER THIS SOURCE of LIFE" and what role and function serves water in body rights, all of this so all perfectly understand. Probably all faced with the fact that the tap is not pouring water and "Coca-Cola", at least heard from the neighbors.

     Today, there are many ways to clean water from mechanical to biological. Each system in a certain way purifies the water from impurities to the degree of purity that is required under certain conditions and meets a certain quality standard. There are many rules and regulations on the degree of water purification, which in the future will be used under certain conditions, whether in production, such as food or at home. A lot of technological processes with the use of water is not without preparation, that is, its purification to the desired extent. For example, consider water treatment plants for boilers or sewage treatment plants for discharge into reservoirs and rivers corresponding to their standards for the degree of purification. To carry out the desired degree of water purification, you need to know from what the water will have to be cleaned. The water is often almost the entire "periodic table" with different volumes of bacteria. To find out you will need to conduct chemical and bacteriological analyses, which are usually not cheap. Sometimes you can do without them.

     The most common methods of water purification:

     The main sources of water pollution are industry, agriculture and households. To date, measures are being taken to improve the quality of water consumed in the home, and at enterprises due to the modernization of production processes, the efficiency of water use increases or measures are being taken to increase the rationality of water use. Filtration systems today a sufficient number and in order to choose which is suitable you need to clearly understand for what purpose and for what process will be used purified water. This will allow you to significantly reduce costs. Remember " WATER is the SOURCE of LIFE."

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