the tank is plastic

     Spiral multilayer polyethylene technological capacity-thermos ET5.Kptke "Unicom" is chemically neutral and made in an explosion-proof version with an internal diameter of 1.5 m and a length of 4.0 m, has two inputs and outputs with a lower generator on both sides. The end of the input-output quick couplings 2”. Explosion-proof heating elements of required power are installed in the tank from opposite sides. Explosion-proof electric power shield for heating elements is located on the end wall of the container for easy operation. To control the level of filling and temperature of the liquid, measuring equipment is installed on the tank.
     Capacity FROM 5.KPK "Unicom" was used to heat up to +60oC washing circulating liquid based on organic solvent butylcellosolv. At the first stage, water was heated in the tank in the required volume, which was then pumped into the column. When filling the column with the necessary amount of hot water, the whole system was started for circulation and butyl cellulosol was introduced. During circulation in Capacity E T 5.CPC "Unicom" maintained the level above half and continued to heat the circulating fluid to the required +60oC.


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