Water and Sewerage

     To ensure a normal and comfortable life in all areas, a person needs favorable conditions. Today we will talk about the importance and role of engineering networks, in particular about the engineering system-water supply and Sewerage. It would seem that the important thing in a person's life may be this technical solution, invented at the time of non-existing high-tech processes, but still water and Sewerage is not an inseparable part of household and most technological processes today that people face in everyday life. A properly organized system of water supply and Sewerage ensures, first of all, the continuity of the process of life and activity of mankind as a whole. Let's say that one cannot practically exist without the other. Let's give a simple example of an ordinary morning of every person on earth – getting out of bed, a person first of all goes somewhere – right to the bathroom to wash, brush your teeth, and so on, to finally disperse sleep and prepare yourself for the next working day.

     Just imagine what would happen if in our technological age there was no proper system of water supply and Sewerage. Through the water supply system we get the first and main source of life-WATER. Let not the most good quality, but all same. We will talk about the quality and purification of water in another article. Used and contaminated water in everyday life, industries and production sites are drained into the Sewerage system, both in domestic and industrial scales, which in turn goes to the pumping stations and then to the wastewater treatment system, we will also tell about them later.

     The right choice of material for water supply and Sewerage systems depends on many factors. To date, there are environmentally friendly materials that do not emit toxins and are not subject to corrosion with a large margin of safety, and increased service life. For construction of pipelines of systems of a water supply system and the Sewerage today preference is given to polyethylene pipes. In everyday life, the water supply system and Sewerage with a small capacity are mainly used, this is due to small amounts of human consumption in everyday life. For water supply and Sewerage systems on an industrial scale, as well as in the field of civil construction, and often in the construction of storm water treatment facilities, domestic and industrial effluents, pipelines are used, with a large capacity using polyethylene pipes with a large diameter from 300mm. to 3000mm and more.

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