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Mobile Steam unit ПГУ-01АГ на four wheel drive ГАЗ 33086

It is designed to produce steam used for steaming wellhead and auxiliary equipment for steaming tubing and drill pipes for heating preventers, process tanks and other equipment used in the production of capital and workover in cold and temperate climatic regions. Mobile steam unit is automated and does not require the constant presence of personnel workover crew.

Standard features include modern steam generator installation, temperature control equipmentand pressure of steam with digital display in real time. Water is used for water treatment magnetictransducer "Termite" powered by 220 watts.

Climatic design Cold Temperate Climate-1 according to GOST (State Standard) 15150-96

The benefits of this modification on the four wheel drive, you can add its mobility in tight spaces(remote and uncomfortable driveways bushes and working platforms). As well as the availability of spare parts and maintenance services, widespread ГАЗ 33086 "Земляк", which is important for long term use (mobility and low cost of maintenance repairs).
Otherwise, this model has all the features of the basic version of PGU-01 "Unikom" in the tractor-trailer chassis

  • Does not require registration with the РОСТЕХНАДЗОРА (Federal Technological, Environmental and Nuclear Supervision)
  • Does not require water treatment
  • Does not require operator training and specialized staff, and may be served by a driver - the operator
  • Supply of water is enough for 20 hours of battery life
  • Completely non-volatile, as equipped with self-contained diesel-electric generator P = 5.5 kW
  • Time to mode of transportation position for about 20 minutes
  • Availability of spare parts and service ГАЗ 33086 "Земляк"

Main technical characteristics of steam generator installation on the grid.

Mobile Steam unit ПГУ-01АГ

Article: Мобильная парогенераторная установка
Characteristic Index
The working volume of the water tank, m31.7
The working volume of the reservoir under the diesel fuel, l200
Operating temperature,0C-40 … +40
Steam capacity, not less, kg / h100
Steam temperature,0C115
Pressure at the outlet of the boiler MPa, max0.07
Thermal power, kW, not less70
Fuel consumption, l / h, max7.7
Time to bring the installation into operation, min, max12
The total mass of ПГУ, no more t7.4
Dimensions, mm in the operating position;
the transport
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