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Steam unit combined with the mobile tool unit ПГУ-ПИМ-01

It is designed to produce steam used for steaming wellhead and auxiliary equipment for steaming tubing and drill pipes for heating preventers, process tanks and other equipment used in the production of capital and underground repair of wells, provision of Brigadier power equipment and storage of materials, tools workover in cold and temperate climatic regions. Mobile steam unit is automated and does not require the constant presence of the team capital and underground repair of wells.

Mobile steam unit does not require registration with the РОСТЕХНАДЗОРА (Federal Technological, Environmental and Nuclear Supervision)

Standard features include the installation of mobile steam generator, temperature control equipment and pressure of steam with digital display in real time. For water water water, a magnetic transducer МВС that does not require electricity.

Climatic design Cold Temperate Climate-1 according to GOST (State Standard) 15150-96

The novelty of the solution can not only save money on the purchase of two pieces of equipment as well as the ПИМ and the ПГУ are on the same chassis, but also in the further exploitation, much of the cost for the rental of a steam generator, because getting an instrumental workshop in each team capital and underground repair of wells same time you get a more cost-effective and steam unit.

Thus, in the line of steam generating equipment, "plant oil field equipment UNICOM" One more modification that allows significant savings oilfield service organizations - ПГУ-ПИМ-01 "UNICOM".

Main technical characteristics of steam generator installation on the grid

Mobile Steam unit ПГУ-01Ш

Article: Парогенераторная установка
Characteristic Index
The working volume of the water tank, m32.0
The working volume of the reservoir under the diesel fuel, l200
Operating temperature,0C-40 … +40
Track, mm2040
Speed ​​of movement in strip, not more, km / h30
Steam capacity, not less, kg / h100
Steam temperature,0C115
Pressure at the outlet of the boiler MPa, max0.07
Thermal power, kW, not less70
Fuel consumption, l / h, max7.7
Time to bring the installation into operation, min, max12
The total mass of ПГУ-01-ПИМ-Д, no more t7.7
Dimensions, mm in the operating position;
the transport
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