Hydro mixer ГС 125-10 photo
Hydro mixer ГС 125-10 blue photo
Hydro mixer ГС 125-10 side view photo

Is used for tempering of gel powders, weighting materials and chemical agents in fluid flows. Hydro mixer is incorporated into blocks of solution preparation. Hydro mixer can transport mixture to the height of up to 4,5 m. Hydro mixer is equipped with butterfly gate, which cuts off liquid flow at the end of load. 
Climatic version – Cold Temperate Climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST (State Standard) 15150-69. 

Main technical characteristics of ГС 125-10 with pump АХ 150-125-315 are given in the table. 

Hydro mixer

Article: Гидросмеситель
Characteristic Index
Capacity under liquid, l/sec65
Working inlet pressure, MPa1.6
Volume of funnel, l80
Weight, kg. not more110
Overall dimensions, mm1131х736х1007
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