Hydro mixer ГС 150M photo

Hydraulic mixer is designed for mixing in fluid flow alumina powders,weighting materials and chemicals. Included in the units preparing solutions. Can transport the mixture to a height of 4.5 m equipped with turnethyl gate shut-off the flow of liquid at the end of the download.

Performance depends on the capacity of the pump. Apply my-world6SH8 pump capacity of 150 m3 per hour through hydraulic mixer allows you to mix bentonite 9 tons per hour. If you put the pump productivity Stu250 m3 / h, the performance will be 15tonn/chas bentonite. Climatic version – Cold Temperate Climate, category of placement in case of operation I under GOST (State Standard) 15150-69.

Main technical characteristics of the ГС 150M pump 6Ш8 listed in the table.

Hydro mixer

Article: Гидросмеситель
Characteristic Index
Fluid temperature, oC, not lower0
Operating temperature, oC-40….+40
Performance of pump used, m3/hr150-250
Pressure pump used, m40 (min)
Performance gidrovoronki, t / h9-16
Hopper diameter, mm600
Overall dimensions, mm1390х800х1000
Weight, kg135
The quantity of dry mixture fraction, mm, not more2.5
Solution density, kg/m3, no more2850
Vacuum in the suction pipe hydraulic mixer, kgf/cm2-1.0
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