On June 7, Unicom celebrated its 17th birthday.

07.06.2017 Корпоративные новости

On June 4, a big family holiday was organized, which was fun and interesting. The event was opened by a traditional line, which was awarded to children who took part in the contest "heroes of fairy tales visiting "Unicom".

     No one was bored at the festival: children had fun with animators, puppets, jumped on a trampoline, and this year a relay race was organized for adults. 7 teams of 8 people took part. Teams tried to walk on stilts, run in big boots without dropping the ball and overcome the tunnel. The winner of the relay was the team "8 squad" - the national team of managers. In addition to the relay race and entertainment for children, a photo booth was installed, everyone could take a picture and immediately get their picture.

     The holiday was not without the result of the volleyball tournament: the final game for the I-th place, in which the victory was not for the first time won by the Technical service team. The event ended with a collective launch of balloons into the sky.

     On June 7, a solemn line-up was held on the territory of the plant. Medals and diplomas were awarded to volleyball teams. Traditionally, employees who worked in the company for 5, 10 and 15 years were awarded badges and certificates.

     Happy Birthday, the company "UNIKOM" congratulated the folk group "Shaitan". The guys performed Ural songs, dances and handed the company's management a loaf. The surprise of the performance was the song dedicated to "UNIKOM".

     Every year the company grows and develops and this year is no exception: "Unicom" has expanded its customer base, updated and improved products. The company is only 17 years old, much has already been done, but much is still to come. The work of a cohesive team helps the company to move forward confidently and reach new heights.