Rafting on the Usva river

19.07.2013 Корпоративные новости

From 11 to 14 July 2013, the management team of the company "Unicom" together with the company "adventure Guide" went rafting on the Usva river. Our fascinating journey began in the city of Pervouralsk, and the route lay to the village of Usva of the Perm region. What only cost one road. As they say " in Russia two troubles..."...

With honor having overcome the test of the road, we arrived at the recreation center "Usva". Having settled down and had a delicious lunch, we went to see the first natural attraction – "Devil's Hillfort" or "Stone city", or, as it is affectionately called by the locals, "Turtles". Stone city is truly amazing in its appearance. And, truth, as if fell in real city. Streets, houses, alleys, bridges. You can wander around this place for a long time. And the bright sun added color to the already beautiful place.

The next day our three-day rafting on the Usva river began. The Usva river is a right tributary of the Chusovaya. The river is very popular among rafting enthusiasts. Especially famous is the section from the village of Usva to the village of Cape. The most beautiful rocks are concentrated on it – Usva Pillars with the famous Devil's Finger, the stone Big Log, the stone of the Pool, etc. the Rocks, curving along the river, attract the eye, changing their image with each passing meter.

Positive attitude, beautiful weather and wonderful views left the best impressions of the last rafting, despite the difficulties that had to be overcome on the way.

This is the second corporate campaign-a motivational event aimed at strengthening team spirit and team cohesion. Corporate tourism is about discoveries, new experiences, and shared, dear memories. When all this is in the company, it becomes a real pleasure to work in it. Therefore, the "ticket to the expedition" is not just a real joy for employees, but also one of the forms of remuneration for excellent results in work.