Excursion to Bazhovsky places

25.09.2014 Корпоративные новости

On one of the beautiful Sunny autumn days – September 21, 2014., employees of the company "Unicom" together with their families and friends, visited the amazing Park "Bazhov places".

The guide led us through a wonderful forest with majestic ship pine trees, the age of which is estimated in centuries, a huge number of beaver dams, the inhabitants of which can not be seen during the day, but in their habitat a lot of fallen trees that beavers use in their buildings. Also on the territory of the Park there are places-illustrations from Bazhov's fairy tales. On our way we met a statue of an old woman in a blue dress-a fairy tale "Sinyushkin well", a model of a malachite mine- "Tayutkino mirror", a Golden snake- "About the great runner".

The top of our trip was the rock and the lake "talc stone" - one of the most beautiful, magical and interesting places from the route through the Park. In the mid-70s talc Stone was included in the lists of natural monuments of the Sverdlovsk region: geological, Botanical, historical and archaeological. Talc lake is an amazing lake, which is born not by nature, but by human economic activity.

We were lucky with the weather, it was warm and Sunny. Everyone had time to take pictures and take photos of natural beauty, breathe clean air and remember the wonderful tales of Bazhov, have lunch and relax in the gazebo and walk along the steep cliffs of the Stone. It is good that we have the opportunity to visit such places in our native land, to learn about life, history, culture, creativity, the living world that surrounds us. We all had a good time and were energized by nature.