Competition on labor protection

28.04.2016 Корпоративные новости

Every year, on April 28, in order to promote the prevention of accidents and diseases in the workplace around the world, the international labour organization (ILO) celebrates world labor day. As part of the events dedicated to this day, the plant "Unicom" held a competition on labor protection.

53 people took part in the competition. The competition consisted of two theoretical stages, including questions on labor protection, fire safety and first aid. According to the results of the first stage, 10 people reached the final of the competition.

The 1st place was taken by Dmitry Nurgayanovich Galiaskarov-extruder driver of the polymer products shop, who was awarded the title of "Winner of the competition on labor protection" and paid a one-time prize of 5000 rubles.

2 and 3 places were taken by Portnov Alexander A. welder shop Assembly and welding and Ataulin Ruslan Nadirovich the driver of the truck plant for production of chassis, which he was also paid a one-time award and awarded corporate gifts plant "UNIKOM".