Competition of professional skills of drivers

31.10.2016 Корпоративные новости

Within the framework of corporate and personnel policy, each structural unit has a professional holiday. So, in honor of the day of the motorist, for the first time at the plant "Unicom" held a competition of professional skills among drivers.
The purpose of such events is always to increase the prestige of the profession, expand the range of professional knowledge and skills of employees, increase responsibility for the work performed, the ability to independently and effectively solve problems in professional activity. 

The competition was attended by 12 employees of the transport sector. Traditionally, the competition consisted of two stages: the theory, which included questions on traffic rules, questions on the device of the car and the practical part of the competition-competitions in high-speed maneuvering.

1 place was taken by Berdnikov Andrey Viktorovich - the driver of a car, which was awarded the title of "Best driver of GC "Unicom " 2016" and paid a one-time prize of 5000 rubles.

2 and 3 places were taken by the driver of the excavator Bronnikov Anatoly Veniaminovich and Musin Artem Albertovich, the driver of the car.

The practical part ended with a friendly tea party with pies, and the awarding of the winners of the competition was held on October 28 in a solemn atmosphere.

The contest turned out to be interesting, informative, motivating and team-building, as well as aroused genuine interest among the participants and fans. Perhaps next year, there will be a competition in the category of "Amateurs".