On holiday with the whole family

11.06.2015 Корпоративные новости

Cheerful company workers "Unicom" got out on the nature to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the plant. Despite its relatively young age, the company has managed to establish itself in the market. General Director Alexey Solodovnikov congratulates employees on the overall success: "the Company has gained respect from its customers, respect for timely products, and this is the contribution of each of you."

For their contribution to a great cause employees are awarded diplomas. Elena makhneva works in" Unicom "for almost ten years, admits-during this time, the company has become native, and work here comfortably:" This is an enterprise in which it is very cozy and good to work, that is, a person spends most of his time at work, and work is almost his second home, for me "Unicom"is, indeed, the second home, we have a very friendly team".

And someone works at the enterprise from the very Foundation. Andrey Sdavilo is awarded a gold badge - for 15 years of experience at the plant. The man says-never thought about changing jobs, here, he says, confident in his future.

But in this life, in addition to work, you need to rest. Employees of "Unicum" several times a year like this massively go to nature and actively spend time, not only with colleagues, but also with family. The anniversary of "Unicom" is no exception. Today, children have fun with their parents. The older generation shows a positive example of how to work and spend leisure time.

"This is an element of corporate culture, the culture that helps us to solve all kinds of production issues, to organize a more stable team that can solve any issues that arise in the process of our WORK, "- says the General Director of LLC" Unicom " Alexey Solodovnikov.

To raise the mood of the guests, the guest artist creates cartoons. For lovers of active recreation is organized for the climbing area. And who is not afraid of climbs on the tower to get down there to bungee. Entertainment for every taste! The most desperate in the rain work as a team, driving a catamaran. As a result, the holiday is to the liking of all guests.