The second winter relay 2013 for employees of GC " UNICUM»

08.04.2013 Корпоративные новости

March 3 at the stadium of JSC "Dinur" (village Dinas) was held the second winter relay 2013 for employees of GC "Unicom".

8 combined teams consisting of employees of divisions took part in the relay:

  1. "The expendables" (Workshop for production of chassis + dining room)
  2. «Tornado " (Assembly welding workshop + technical control Department)
  3. "One" (Machine shop)
  4. "Technosila" (the Technical service)
  5. "National supply service" (supply Department + Road section)
  6. "The only ones" (UPR + Waipu)
  7. "Brakes" (Department of the chief technologist + planning and administrative Bureau + metal cutting section + development Department)
  8. "Maximum" (sales Service + accounting + management)

The competition consisted of two parts. The first part is a biathlon, and the second is a relay race, which includes seven stages:

  1. «Ski sport»
  2. «Luge»
  3. «Shooting»
  4. "Tumbleweeds»
  5. "Winter Golf»
  6. «Horseback riding»
  7. "One for all-all for one»

Despite the fact that JSC "ZNPO Unicom" has a very friendly and cohesive team, the rivalry was at the limit. According to the results of two competitions the three leaders included:

  1. the command "Max»
  2. the team of "Technosila»
  3. team " the Expendables»

For prizes, participants were awarded medals, diplomas,and prizes. The winners of the winter relay of employees of GC "Unicom" 03.03.2013 was awarded the Cup.

Throughout the event, fun starts were held, and an entertainment program was organized for children.

In breaks between stages of competitions all participants of Spartakiad could be warmed by hot drinks and treats.