Integration of Unicom equipment into Europe

18.12.2014 Новости завода

Despite the negative attitude of a number of European countries to the Russian Federation, the imposition of sanctions, the halt in the construction of Mistral helicopter carriers for the needs of the Pacific fleet, Bulgaria's refusal to cooperate in the construction of the South stream gas pipeline, ZNPO Unicom LLC continues to integrate its equipment into the European market.

Based on excellent knowledge of the business, and having a number of strategic advantages over competitors, the company "Unicom" by the end of 2014. signed contracts for the supply of equipment for well repair with a number of European oil and gas companies.

Also at the request of our European partners, LLC "ZNPO Unicom" sent the available spare capacity of production to send the first batch of equipment in December 2014 and we will make every effort and justify the trust placed on us.