New type of polyethylene tanks for storage of aggressive liquids

16.10.2014 Новости завода

In view of the significant interest of Oil (chemical)service industries and enterprises of the region of KHMAO-Yugra and YANAO, using capacitive equipment for storage, preparation and transportation of aggressive liquids, LLC "ZNPO Unicom" invites you to get acquainted with a new type of polyethylene containers for storage of aggressive liquids (including acids) at the specialized exhibition "Nizhnevartovsk. Oil. GAZ-2014 "19, 22 November from 10: 00 to 18: 00 at the address: Nizhnevartovsk, Lenin str., 7, "Palace of Arts".

For specialists, the capacity of technological ET 25 Will be presented.OP "Unicom" of low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), made by a unique technology, extrusion method. On the eve of the exhibition, specialists of GC "Unicom" and partners conducted tests of containers manufactured by this technology in the field, where their advantages were revealed:

  • HDPE is chemically neutral, so the tanks are suitable for storage, preparation and transportation of acids, oils, diesel fuel and other corrosive liquids;
  • Have high ring rigidity (for capacity ø2m, volume 18m3-10 KN / m2), reliability, durability at operation in heavy conditions, including the Far North;
  • High impact strength, thanks to the cellular structure of the walls of the container, even at low temperatures provides resistance to damage, as well as resistance to ultraviolet radiation guarantee a long service life of the capacitive equipment without damaging the material and the appearance of " aging effect»;
  • Tanks made of three-layer polyethylene with a thermal conductivity coefficient (W / (m*K)) 100 times lower than that of steel have frost resistance up to-70C without loss of mechanical properties, and the applied technical solution in the manufacture of equipment (cellular wall design) allows the use of tanks and reservoirs in the far North, without additional insulation.
  • When using additional heating, electricity costs are much lower (for 25m3 capacity of HDPE enough 5kW, while for 25m3 capacity of metal requires up to 15kW);
  • HDPE has durability and resistance to destruction factors for more than 50 years;
  • In the capacity of HDPE excluded the formation of scale, so in the production process does not require additional filtration of liquids.

Thus, three-layer polyethylene tanks manufactured by ZNPO Unicom have significant advantages over similar tanks made of sheet metal of low-carbon steels, especially in terms of price-quality ratio and service life.

If you are interested in HDPE tanks, you can at any time convenient for you, visit the "Plant of oilfield Equipment Unicom" in Pervouralsk for the presentation of a new type of polyethylene tanks and familiarization with the products and technologies used at the Plant.

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