PSU (steam generator set) on all-wheel drive chassis of GAZ 33086 " Countryman»

10.01.2012 Новости завода

In December 2011, ZAO ZNPO "Unicom" released another modification of the CCGT (steam generator set) on the all-wheel drive chassis of THE GAZ 33086 "Countryman". Thus, in the line of CCGT produced by CJSC ZNPO "Unicom" today there are already 6 models of steam generator sets that meet different customer requirements.

To the advantages of this modification on a four-wheel drive car, you can add its mobility in hard-to-reach places (remote and unfavorable access roads bushes and work sites). As well as the availability of spare parts and service, common car GAZ 33086 "Countryman", which is important for long-term operation (mobility and low cost of maintenance).
In the rest, this model has all the characteristics of the basic version of the SGU-01 "Unicom" on a tractor trailer chassis, i.e.:

  • does not require registration in the Russian technical supervision,
  • does not require water treatment,
  • does not require operator training and specialized personnel, and can be serviced by a driver-operator,
  • water supply is enough for 20 hours of battery life,
  • completely non-volatile, because it is equipped with an Autonomous diesel-electric generator P= 5.5 KW,
  • time exit on regime from transport position about 20 minutes.

Until the end of 2011, ZAO ZNPO "Unicom" has already executed an order for the supply of 5 such units PGU-01AG on THE basis of GAZ 33086 "Zemlyak" for a large well repair company in Nizhnevartovsk.