steam generator set combined with mobile tool unit

15.02.2012 Новости завода

In February 2012 ZAO ZNPO Unicom completed a major contract for the supply of 60 steam generator sets combined with a mobile tool unit (PIM-PGU-01 Unicom) to Integra Corporation.

The novelty of this technical solution allows not only to save money on the purchase of two pieces of equipment, because both PIM and CCGT are located on the same chassis, but also in further operation, significantly reduce the cost of renting a steam generator, because getting a mobite tool unit in each crew of cattle or PRS at the same time You get

Thus, another modification appeared in the line of steam generating units of the "Unicom oilfield equipment plant", which allows to significantly save the funds of oil service organizations - PIM-PGU-01"Unicom".