Presentation of PSU work in the Far North

10.03.2012 Новости завода

At the beginning of March 2012 employees of JSC "ZNPO" Unicom " held a regular presentation of the steam generator set in the Far North. For this presentation, the steam Generator set was manufactured in combination with the tool workshop (PGU-01-PIM).

The presentation was held in several service companies engaged in well repair, such as LLC "Kogalymskoye URS" in Kogalym, LLC "Belorusneft Siberia" in Gubkinsky, LLC "Gazpodzemremont" in Novy Urengoy and a number of others. At the production site of Belorusneft Siberia LLC, a block of a preventer was presented for cleaning. Oil contamination was successfully removed from the equipment.

At the industrial landfill in Novy Urengoy, the PGU-01-PIM was tested in comparison with the PPU 1600. With the help of our equipment, anchors for fastening the lifting unit were successfully installed. Their splitting was also carried out. Also in a short time were thawed completely filled with ice casing f-219.

The result of the presentation was the conclusion of a number of contracts for the supply of more than 15 units of steam generator sets.