The development of the draft plastic container

25.06.2013 Новости завода

In June 2013, specialists of the company "Unicom" developed a project for the production of plastic containers.

As is known, during the work during the current and major repairs of oil and gas wells, process tanks can be used with acids of high concentration. In this regard, there is a requirement for the material of the container: to be resistant to chemicals. A special chemical coating is applied to the steel container, but sometimes the design does not allow to cover the entire inner area of the container. This is what prompted the staff of engineering and technical service to develop a project of technological capacity of polyethylene.

The new development is unique in that the plastic has increased strength, durability and is absolutely resistant to aggressive environments. Therefore, the container made of plastic can be used in working with chemicals and alkali without a special chemical coating, which in turn reduces the cost of such equipment.

Today we can produce and supply plastic containers for all companies engaged in routine and major repairs of wells. Experienced specialists will pick up and complete the equipment, based on the requirements and wishes of the customer.