The development of a universal equipment

17.01.2013 Новости завода

Universal equipment has been developed and manufactured for the needs of the well overhaul enterprise stationed in the Udmurt Republic.

On the two-axle trailer chassis placed capacity: refilling capacity of 12 m3, gutter capacity of 6 m3 and tool shop.   This equipment allows to carry out various downhole operations.

The equipment executed in such complete set allows:

  • significantly save the customer's money;
  • involves reducing the time spent on the work.

Due to the fact that three types of equipment are combined on one chassis, CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" allows to significantly reduce transport costs.

Prototypes have already been sent for field testing.

CJSC "ZNPO Unicom" continues to develop in terms of modernization of equipment to provide the customer with high-tech equipment.